Review: KVD Saint and Sinner Palette


This palette is absolutely stunning! I love the shades, and the pigmentation. The launch was September 19th, which makes it a fall palette. It does have some of the traditional fall shades like devil and stigma, but there are so many shades that are unique for a fall palette. Not just warm neutrals, there’s a vibrant blue, a lime green and beautiful rose tones. I will say though, that with the name, I expected a completely different colour scheme. I thought that the Saint side (left), would be all light tones, some shimmery neutrals, and golds and that the Sinner side (right) would be all deep browns, reds and purples. IMG_2676

The swatches of the Saint side are absolutely stunning. The top shade, absolution, is meant to be a topper, and as such, is much more sheer than the others. All of the shimmer/metallic shades are incredibly pigmented, and apply almost as though they’re wet. The matte shades are very creamy, and pigmented with the exception of the cream shade, amen. That one was layered twice in this swatch to make it opaque.


The Sinner side is even more amazing than the Saint. The first shade is once again a topper, but is quite a bit more opaque than absolution. The black shade, sabbath was a bit patchy, but can be built up to be quite a deep black.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, the one thing that I wish was different was the mirrors. It’s a beautiful design, but I would rather one big mirror over two small ones. So, in this case presentation won out over practicality. Though, I can’t be too mad, since I rarely use palette mirrors unless I’m travelling.

I would give this palette a 9/10. It looses a point just because some of the shades needed to be built up(pretty much just mattes), and the mirrors.

These shades all blend out amazingly and are absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of my favourite launches of 2017, and definitely going in my kit because of how stunning and usable the colours are. I created a couple of different looks that will be going up on my Instagram this week, so if you want to see it in action feel free to check it out.

Xx Tyles


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