Review: ABH Prism Palette


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette is lovely. The shades are beautifully selected and work wonderfully together but allow for fun combinations. There are some shades that you find in other palettes such as Unity, and Saturn. But there are so many rare ones like Sphere, Dimension and Throne. Throne i such a gorgeous deep hunter green, that has a black base to it. Dimension is duo-chrome and Osiris is indescribable in it’s beauty. Pyramid is so much more than a standard gold. It has a bronze undertone to it and it’s flattering on pretty much every skin type. It won’t wash out someone with fair skin and pink undertones, but will be absolutely mind blowing on someone with a deep complexion.


The swatches are incredibly pigmented, with the exception of Eden and Lucid. Obsidian was quite pigmented with one swatch but does need to be built up. There were complaints with the ABH Subculture palette, and how pigmented it was. People felt that it was too pigmented and very difficult to blend. Personally, I enjoyed the Subculture palette, but the Prism palette is definitely more like the Modern Renaissance in quality.

I would recommend this palette, and give it a 9.5/10. The only reason that .5 has been docked is just because of the pigmentation on the two shades. It blends stunningly, and with the colour combination, I have no other complaints.



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